New York On-Premises ATAP Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

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Receive your official PSCC Rserving Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Wallet Card for Responsible Serving® of Alcohol in the mail!

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After you complete the course, you are able to generate your printable certificate for Responsible Serving® of Alcohol immediately.
You will automatically receive your PSCC Rserving bartender's license / wallet card for in the mail within 15 days if you are in a state where wallet cards are issued.

NY On-Premises Responsible Server Training Approved. 
The Rserving®Responsible Serving® Course is an approved Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP), by the New York State Liquor Authority. 

This approved ATAP On-Premise training course will train you in responsible serving techniques for bartenders, servers, waiters and waitresses and will certify you to work in On-Premises establishments. 

New York has different requirements for on-premises and off-premises ATAP training. If you work in a convenience store, grocery store, liquor store or other any off-premises sale businesses, you will need to take the Rserving® Off-Premises Responsible Serving® ATAP course for Off-Premise training in responsible alcohol selling techniques for clerks and managers in NY.   
School Code: Albany AT 0007 

Earn your state-specific responsible beverage service / alcohol seller/server certification from this online Responsible Serving® Certification Course!

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